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Happy Easter!

I am new to livejournal, but this community looks friendly and I thought I'd post a hello. I am a freshman at Furman (presently I am distracting myself from a history paper due on Tuesday when we get back), and I just wanted to say Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a restful weekend...next comes the long haul.
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what do you like about furman and what do you not like? i am 75% sure i am attending furman this fall - it's one of my top 2 choices for college. :-)
hmm...let's see...

I like the size, and of course the campus is beautiful. On nice days half the student body is outside, studying or napping or whatever. Great atmosphere. I also feel safe on campus, though I know crimes occur, but we're in the middle of the city or anything, which helps. Greenville itself is a nice little city, though admittedly you have to be creative sometimes to find things to do.

There is a lack of diversity on campus, and you find that only a certain type of person is really attracted to Furman in the first place, so you will find that a lot of people have the same religion, values, background, etc. Which can be both good and bad.

Overall, I love it here. I've been having a great time.
Hey! Welcome to the Furman LJ community. I'm Beth, a sophomore chemistry major. Hope you've had a good break! Happy Easter :)
Hello. Nice to meet you!