Ferahgo (ferahgo) wrote in furman,

Questions for bio people

So, I'm a freshman in the Genetics class with Dr. Liao, and I have some questions.

First off, there are only three freshmen in that class, and I'm worried. I took AP bio in 11th grade, and only got a 4, so obviously my biology is a bit (ok, a lot) rusty. I thought the 4 was generous, as I paid little attention in class and basically had a cram-fest the night before the exam. Anyway, can someone give me an idea of what kind of work I'll need to put into this class in order to get at least a B?

Do I need a lot of lab-knowledge for labs? (The labs in AP bio were rushed and rarely completed, so my lab knowledge is both rusty and incomplete)
Should I read the book every night?
Are tests more lecture-based or textbook-based?
Are tests insanely specific?
Would I be better off taking Bio 11 first, even though I had the option to skip it?

I hope someone on here has taken that class and can give me some insight, for I am afraid it may give me ulcers. Thanks guys.
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